Sunday, January 30, 2011

Once A Week Might Do The Trick!

Life has just become busier with every passing day.

I thought, "it's summer" on my last post, I can find time everyday to do a project, take a picture and post it.

But, as you can see it was a busy summer.

Then Fall came. Great! Five out of six kiddos in school. I can do this once a day, but alas, it was a busy Fall.

I don't have to tell any of you about how the holidays are. Parties, presents, church, traditions, etc.

So here we are, almost the final day of January.

I figure it is just like that first day you swim in the summer, sometimes you just have to JUMP IN!

My goal is one, hopefully great, organization idea a week. Maybe after a few more years of doing that I will have accumulated 365 posts!!! Thus making the blog a true success!

I am going to try and post on Mondays, because Mondays are the days when I am usually home running crazy amounts of laundry, making the bread for the week, and feeling a fresh start from Sunday!

See you Monday!


***If anyone has any requests that they need immediate attention to, just comment and leave me a suggestion, and I will try to be helpful!

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