Thursday, February 3, 2011

Look what we are having...another GIRL!!

It's a GIRL!! I would show you the actual picture of proof, but for some reason it just seems wrong.

She is so cute! Look at her! If I turn the picture right side up, she looks just like Annie. Too fun!

Many of you know that I seriously told the big man upstairs that I would love to have a house full of boys.

Now, as I embark on having another little girl join our crew, I am so thrilled.

Something happened a few weeks ago when I realized that having another girl was a very strong possibility. I thought about the five of them becoming mothers. The thoughts that crowded my mind of grandchildren, missions, college graduations, and hopefully, many phone calls for opinions and ideas just brought light to my eyes and literally, warmth to my heart.

These girls are going to be extraordinary. They are so far beyond where I was at their age. Their testimonies, their hair-styling abilities, and even their brilliance far surpass anything I was. They are helpful, wonderful and challenging. They are also surrounded by all of your girls who are equally extraordinary. I love it!

I have no idea what this little one's name will be, or what color her eyes will bare, but I do know that she will be loved.

I am so grateful and feel so blessed.

Grow baby grow. We can't wait to meet you!



  1. Congratulations!!!!!!! I hope I get to meet her sometime too! Love you Laura!

  2. How do you know these things? Here we are and Friday is tomorrow and we still haven't had that phone call. It's coming I can feel it. Love that little girl. Congratulations.