Monday, June 14, 2010

Back by Popular Demand

Ok, I don’t know if “popular” is the word, but I would say that dozens of emails has done the trick.


Have you ever felt like the shoes you decided to put on were TOO BIG?

Well, I decided that I was going to be that mom this year.

You know the one.

The one who puts her kids first.

Before signing up on the meals for others sheet, before pursuing personal indulgence, before dates with friends, and even putting their goals and aspirations before my own.

You see my children have been helping me fulfill my responsibilities at church for awhile now, so I figured this year was their turn.

I had all the balls in the air and it was all going along just fine, until we hit Spring Break. 

We headed to Arizona and had a great time.

When we got home, life took over.

It was the home stretch for school and with 5 out of 6 kids in sports, teenagers running track at school on top of travel teams, gymnastics for a 6 year old who had waited too long to try something herself, an 8 year old with piano competitions and a recital, not to even mention the school play, talent shows, field days, field trips and so on….

I was overloaded….just like these shoes are for the feet trying to fill them.

It is summer and the children are ready and willing to help me with one of my dreams…to help any one I can get more organized.

So, each morning mom has TWO hours, one for the exercise she has just reestablished in her life and one for our organization blog.


See you tomorrow!


Saturday, March 27, 2010

Super Saturday-Oven Cleaning

Saturday is a perfect day to clean the ‘ole OVEN!

If you have a SELF-CLEANING one, Saturday is a perfect day to set the OVEN to clean and then play or work outside.

If you have one without that feature, there are some fumes from the spray cleaners that you would probably not want your children inhaling, so send them out to play.

Follow the same steps that you would if it were a cabinet or drawer.

EMPTY-Leave all racks IN for the cleaning, but remove everything else.

VACUUM-Use the edger on crumbs, so that it lessens the burn.

WIPE OUT-Wipe out large chunks BEFORE cleaning and wipe down all walls AFTER the cleaning process.

ORGANIZE-I store the broiler pan in the bottom oven, so make sure that it is clean before you put it back.

REPLACE-Replace all racks and other items after everything is clean and ready.


For our next GIVEAWAY…many of you have been working very hard right alongside us everyday and I think a night out is in order.

So…for those of you who are willing to share our organizing website with a friend, family member or friend…you have many chances to win this time.

First, you can comment on your favorite post and enter yourself to win


Second, you can pass our site along to someone, have them comment so that we can welcome them, and then we will add BOTH your names to the drawing.




Who doesn’t want to go to a great dinner and the movie after working so hard all week?

Tell someone every day in April and you will have 30 chances to WIN!!!

JOIN US AND WIN! Not just this month’s prize, BUT the PEACE that comes from putting your life in order!!!

For tomorrow:

Tomorrow is SPECIAL SUNDAY, and we are going to explore a “new” kind of RESEARCH!

See you tomorrow!


Friday, March 26, 2010

Fast-Fix Friday-Towel Drawer

Today is TOWEL DRAWER day!

Yeah for us!


Here is the BEFORE:


We have about a dozen washcloths missing and several bibs, but we got the job done!

Here is the STEP-by-STEP:

STEP #1-EMPTY-Empty everything out of your towel drawer. There may be things in there that don’t even belong. (Like the licorice we found this morning!)

STEP #2-VACUUM-You may think that you don’t need to vacuum drawers, but you do. Vacuum the corners especially!

STEP #3-WIPE DOWN-Wipe down the drawer inside and out. Don’t forget the knob if you have one.

STEP #4-ORGANIZE-Organize all the towels folded the same way. Organize anything else that you keep in there. Make sure it makes sense to store the things that you have in the TOWEL DRAWER.

STEP #5-REPLACE-Place all towels in an orderly fashion back in the drawers.


and the AFTER:


For tomorrow:

For SUPER SATURDAY, we are going to tackle another BIG kitchen project…the OVEN.

See you tomorrow!


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Therapy Thursday-Pots and Pans

You are probable asking yourself, “What do pots and pans have to do with therapy?”

Well, we are on our KITCHEN adventure and I love to add a little reflection as we work.

First the reflection…I seriously do love when my little ones play in the pots and pans cabinet. Truthfully, I only love it for about 30 minutes, then I have to redirect them before the migraine sets in, but I do love the look on their faces when they realize how loud they can be.

Now the work…

Here is our BEFORE:



STEP #1-EMPTY-Take everything out of the POTS and PANS cabinet.

STEP #2-VACUUM-Take the edger piece of the vacuum and vacuum the corners, the middle and the track of the cabinet.

STEP #3-WIPE DOWN-Wipe everything down. Wipe the inside of the cabinet, the tracks and the door, inside and out.

STEP #4-ORGANIZE-Organize all like pots together, pans together, and lids. Get rid of pans you don’t use or that you have several duplicates of.

STEP #5-REPLACE-Replace all pots and pans back in cabinet with the most used in the front. It is ok if they would look better in the back, put them where you will use them the most. It will be easier to keep them organized as they are put away.




For tomorrow:

For FAST-FIX FRIDAY, we are going to do the easiest drawer in the KITCHEN…the TOWEL DRAWER!

See you tomorrow!


Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday Madness-Spring Break & Kitchens

I know that normally you wouldn’t put “Spring Break” and "Kitchens” in the same sentence, but here at HEAPS OR HAPPINESS, they go hand in hand!

At our home, we do a “Spring Clean” on the kitchen on the first day of FALL BREAK and the first day of SPRING BREAK.

I let the kids sleep in for as long as they can, (which at my house is about 8am,) we have a big breakfast, and then we pick our cabinet and drawers.

Everyone in the house has to pick 3 cabinets and 2 drawers in the KITCHEN to start our cleaning.

I usually come up with a really COOL bribe, like the movies, picking a new swimsuit for the season, or double chore money. Whatever you have to do to get the team on board…


Here is the STEP-by-STEP on how to get started and prepare yourself for this major project:

STEP #1-CHOOSE-Choose the day that you are going to accomplish this, choose the “bribe” and have everyone pick their cabinets. We use POST-ITS with everyone’s name on them and take turns choosing cabinets. Some cabinets and drawers are much harder and time consuming, so try and make it even. If you don’t have a house full of helpers, choose what cabinets you are going to start with and plan according.

STEP #2-BEGIN-Each drawer and cabinet should follow the same pattern. As we go through each cabinet and drawer over the next couple of weeks, you will see the same pattern repeated over and over. EMPTY-VACUUM-WIPE DOWN-ORGANIZE-REPLACE.

STEP #3-REVIEW-Review every cabinet and make sure everything is in its’ place. If you have something that came out of a cabinet that belonged elsewhere, put it away. Make sure all of the cabinet doors have been wiped down and lighted oiled (we just use a simple cabinet oil cleaner to polish the doors.)

For tomorrow:

For TACKLE TUESDAY, we will begin with the hardest CABINET…the PANTRY.

Part I-Cans, Pasta, Backup will be on TUESDAY

and Part II-Baking Supplies will be on WRAP-UP WEDNESDAY.

With the TWO HARDEST done first, you will be able to cruise on the easier drawers and cabinets like POTS and DISH TOWELS.

Off to clean my two pantry cabinets.

See you tomorrow!


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Special Sunday-A Time for Reflection

Take a few minutes today and REFLECT on the past few months.

It has been almost three months since Christmas and two months since you made those New Year’s resolutions.

Write down some of your memories over the last few months in your journal.

  • You can pick a certain event and tell about it in detail, or write down a quick list of happenings.
  • You can write down your accomplishments or how you are doing on those goals.
  • Take pictures of the things you have finished and write about how it makes you feel to have them done.

When you write things down, it gives you the chance to reflect on what is working, what is not, and how blessed you are!

Have a wonderful Sunday!

For tomorrow:

For the next TWO WEEKS, we are going to be tackling everything in your KITCHEN, so rest today, and be ready to put on your working shoes tomorrow!

See you tomorrow!


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Super Saturday-Give-away & that Refrigerator

First, let’s get down to some business. In February, one of our followers, Becca, won the first ever, HEAPS OR HAPPINESS GIVE-AWAY!!

Do you want to see what she won?


Lucky girl won a GREAT SUPPLY of everything you would need to start this journey of organizing valued at $60!

  • Storage containers for storing clothes or holiday items
  • Laundry baskets for sorting or you know…laundry
  • An expandable file for kids’ papers, bills, etc.
  • A coupon holder for receipts or coupons
  • Dish tubs in four colors for sorting, storing paper or supplies
  • 10 shoe boxes with lids for bathroom or office supplies
  • A desk calendar for family scheduling or personal goal setting
  • File folders for the TO FILE pile
  • Drawer organizers for pens, pencils, toothbrushes, toothpaste, hair ties, etc.
  • And a pack of gum to happily chew along the way or for bribing family members to join in the work


Now for our next GIVEAWAY…many of you have been working very hard right alongside us everyday and I think a night out is in order.

So…for those of you who are willing to share our organizing website with a friend, family member or friend…you have many chances to win this time.

First, you can comment on your favorite post and enter yourself to win


Second, you can pass our site along to someone, have them comment so that we can welcome them, and then we will add BOTH your names to the drawing.




Who doesn’t want to go to a great dinner and the movie after working so hard all week?

JOIN US AND WIN! Not just this month’s prize, BUT the PEACE that comes from putting your life in order!!!



Take an hour today and clean the refrigerator.

This is the MOST USED appliance in the house, so give it a good cleaning.

I try to tackle mine the first week of the month, but you may be able to go longer or feel the need to clean yours more often.

Either way, let’s go through it STEP-BY-STEP!

STEP #1-EMPTY-Empty everything out of the refrigerator. Obvious, I know, but sometimes people try to clean AROUND what is already in there. Get everything out, and throw away the bad as you go.

STEP #2-SORT-As you are emptying, or right after, SORT everything that you have in your fridge. Sometimes there are THREE bottles of ketchup opened, because they are on three different shelves. Put all dressings together, meats together, etc.

STEP #3-CLEAN-Wash down, with dish detergent, EVERY shelf, drawer and space in that refrigerator. Remember that your shelves are COLD when you are washing them, so use no hotter than WARM water to wash them down. As the glass warms, you can do a final rinse with HOT water. If you rinse them with HOT water to start, you run the risk of breaking the glass, so be careful! Don’t forget to wipe down the inside of the door, the walls of the refrigerator and even the top. If you have a sticky mess, like popsicle, get your towel full of very HOT water and let the towel sit on the mess for a couple of minutes, and it will come right off.

STEP #4-REPLACE-As you put everything back in, store like things together in a sensible place. This sounds really basic, but you would be surprised how many people store their items all over. Pick a drawer for produce and put ALL PRODUCE in that drawer. Choose a drawer for meats and cheeses and store all of them together. Always put the MILK on the same shelf, that way, everyone knows where it is, and you can glance quickly to know if you need to add it to the shopping list.

STEP #5-REPEAT-Repeat the above steps for the freezer and you will have a CLEAN REFRIGERATOR in no time! In the freezer, remember to store things that need to be cooked or eaten first, on the upper shelves, so that you see them first.

For tomorrow:

SPECIAL SUNDAY is a time for reflection, so we will do just that!

See you tomorrow!


Friday, March 19, 2010

Fast-Fix Friday-Bookcases and Baskets

For FAST-FIX FRIDAY we are going to talk about

We spoke earlier in the week about having a SPECIAL PLACE for reading and what does yours look like?

Do you have your books organized and ready to read?

The best way to organize them in your rooms and special places are with

They don't have to be fancy or expensive, just functional!

You can find bookcases at your local store, garage sales and sometimes right in your own house hidden in corners.


Find a room that needs a BOOK BASKET or BOOKCASE, decide which one you need based on the space available and the number of books.

BUY or FIND what you need and organize the books, tallest to shortest.


For Tomorrow:

is perfect for tomorrow's task!

See you tomorrow!


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Therapy Thursday-Making Memories

I know that we have been talking about these two rooms for days, but let’s just talk about some things that we can do to make some memories in these spaces.

What good does all your hard work to organize your room do if you never take the time to enjoy the spaces?

Here are two suggestions:

#1-CALL SOMEONE RIGHT NOW THAT YOU HAVE NOT SEEN OR VISITED WITH IN A WHILE.  Invite them over and take the time to catch up in your LIVING ROOM!

#2-PICK A BOOK AND READ TO ONE OF YOUR CHILDREN.  Take the ten minutes, and snuggle tight with them.  They will LOVE this!


PICK UP YOUR CURRENT BOOK AND READ FOR AN HOUR.  No distractions, just you and your book!

For tomorrow:

FAST-FIX FRIDAY is going to reveal the giveaway that BECCA won last month, introduce the next giveaway and finish the FAST FIXES for your READING SPACE!

See you tomorrow!


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wrap-Up Wednesday-Are your spaces ready?

Today, we are just reviewing our LIVING ROOM and READING SPACE!

How does your LIVING ROOM look?

Have you invited a neighbor in?

Did you make sure you cleaned out all the clutter?

Did you clean your spaces?

Have you tried out your READING SPACE?

Is it comfortable?

Does it have enough lighting?

ENJOY these spaces!

For tomorrow:

For THERAPY THURSDAY we are to ask some prompting questions to help you make the most of these two new spaces.

See you tomorrow!


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tackle Tuesday-Reading Corner

DSC_0381Here it is!


This is our little reading corner.

Finding a reading space is so simple. It can be a corner of your basement, a little corner in your apartment, or wherever you can stick a basket of books and some blankets.

Here is all you need to make a space for you and your family:

STEP #1-CHOOSE-Do you see a pattern from yesterday? Choose a spot that you want to work your magic on. Think about a space tucked away from the busyness.

STEP #2-PLAN-Plan what you need. Do you want a chair, couch or just a basket full of blankets? Beanbags are also perfect for these spaces. Remember, write down your plan, and then FOLLOW IT!

STEP #3-CLEAN-Yes. Clean it all up. Vacuum, edge, dust and wipe everything down. No one wants to read with clutter and dust all around.

STEP #4-SET-UP-Set it all up. The chair, the blanket, the books. I love having a bookcase right there full of fun books. I even stash what I am reading in there too.

STEP #5-INTRODUCE- Introduce the family to everyone’s new reading spot. Not everyone will use it, but it is there. I love to escape to this spot.

STEP #6-ENJOY-Grab a little one and read a classic Dr. Seuss. Maybe, just grab a book you are working on and curl up in the chair!

For tomorrow:

WRAP-UP WEDNESDAY is just that. Wrapping up the two rooms we worked on this week.

See you tomorrow!


Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday Madness-A “living” Living Room


Is your Living Room livable in the sense of being ready for company anytime?

Could you invite a friend in off the porch and visit with them in a clean, organized and inviting space?

Don’t underestimate having a room that is ready for a good visit.

Let’s work on it “step-by-step”

STEP #1-CHOOSE-You have to choose a room that is going to be your sanctuary. You may have an actual “living room,” which is great, but if you don’t, what room can you dedicate yourself to keeping ready for company?

STEP #2-PLAN-What is your plan? Do you need furniture? Do you need to move things in or out to keep it ready? Write it down, step-by-step.

STEP #3-CLEAN-You knew I was going to say this. Clean the entire room from top to bottom. Don’t forget curtains, windows and baseboards. If you start with a clean slate, you will be ready to enjoy everything when it is ready to go.

STEP #4-SET-UP-Set up your room, so that it is the way you would have your furniture to enjoy company. Don’t forget decor and pictures. Have fun and be creative.

STEP #5-VISIT-Now just enjoy it. Invite that neighbor in to visit. Let your visiting teachers linger a little longer in a space you put together.

For tomorrow:

TACKLE TUESDAY is going to tackle another space you have to enjoy life a little more.

See you tomorrow!


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Special Sunday-Start a book

Today is a perfect day to relax and START A BOOK.

Maybe you are one of those people who are always reading two or three books, sit down and finish one.

Maybe you are the kind of person who never slows down enough to read a book, sit down and read one.

Books are amazing!

I am the kind of person who thrives on multi-tasking, and books don’t allow you to do that.

They want all your attention!

They want you to sit down and read with them right now, and they do their best to hold on tight to your attention.

Just like my children.

When I take the time and read an uplifting book, it truly changes my life.

I love bettering who I am by what I read.

Grab a great one and get reading!

Are you reading a great book right now that you want to tell us about?


For tomorrow:

MONDAY MADNESS is helping us continue in our MARCH MADNESS with a trip around the house. Last week we started at the FRONT ENTRY and moved our way to the COAT CLOSET.

Tomorrow we will conquer the LIVING ROOM. Does anyone want to be in there? Is is wonderful, or not so wonderful?

See you tomorrow!


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Super Saturday-Socks, socks and more socks!

Saturday is a perfect day for SOCK HUNTING!

SOCK HUNTING is a little Cecil tradition where we try to find

EVERY SINGLE SOCK we have ever owned. (We sometimes find neighbors’ socks as well!)

We look in places like under the trampoline, on the pool deck for those spontaneous dips, the driveway, the cars, etc.

It is really a fun game, so try it today. Have the kids look under beds in gym bags, and maybe your spouse just leaves them, like usual, right next to the bed!

When you have collected all the socks…


Let’s talk about all those things for a minute:

CLEAN-Clean all the socks. I would wash the colored ones together and give the whites a good shot of bleach.

EVALUATE-When the socks are all ready, evaluate each one for holes, wear, stretching, etc. THROW the bad ones away.

PAIR-This might sound like a simple and obvious one, but pair the socks matching heels together and folded at the top.

PUT AWAY-Have everyone put their socks away. I also have a fun idea that I showed you yesterday that you might want to reconsider if you didn’t do it yesterday. We have a sock basket by the front door. I know that may sound very tacky to some, but for us, it is wonderful! I store all the kids’ socks here. It is wonderful for my “sock patrol” in the morning. No stinky feet!


THROW AWAY-Last, but not least, throw away any unpaired socks. This step is very hard for me. The frugal side of me just can bear to throw away a perfectly good little girl sock, but do it. You will be better off. You will have a fresh start!

For tomorrow:


See you tomorrow!


Friday, March 12, 2010

Fast-Fix Friday-Fantastic Baskets

Today is FAST-FIX FRIDAY and I have tried to post this post THREE times!

Let’s see if three times is really a charm!

FAST-FIX FRIDAY is full of fabulous baskets that we can use to store many different things in a very visually appealing way. (Say that line five times fast!)

Here are some ways that we use these great baskets:


CD BASKET-This is a great rectangular basket that works beautifully for CD storage. This one is just the little collection of CDs that we keep in the kitchen near the stereo for some sweet music to calm this place down and fun music to dance in the kitchen with.


TOY BASKET-Toys are often needed at a moments notice with little ones around. Medium wicker laundry baskets do just the trick for storing toys in a family or living room. These baskets fit in the corner and don’t take away aesthetically from the look of the room.


DIAPER BASKET-I love having a diaper basket ready on every floor of our home. It makes changing a wet baby much easier. This is just a basic basket with all the goodies needed to change the diaper. This is a well-loved basket in our home. Notice the gnawing marks of our puppy, Daisy.


HOMEWORK BASKET-I have a great system for papers to be signed and returned, field trip forms and homework, BUT this is the place where everything is stored that gets used daily, but not turned in. Things like Everyday Math workbooks, exercise records, Brooke’s part in the play as Little Bo Peep, bookmarks, and flashcards. Anything that I find that is school-related goes right here. Easton, literally just walked in the office just now and asked where his school planner was…in the HOMEWORK BASKET was the answer!


CHURCH BASKET-The “CHURCH”BASKET sounds like a funny name, but that is really what it holds…church stuff. It holds our pass-along cards, quick reference information, Faith in God books, YW/YM booklets and class information. Much like the HOMEWORK BASKET above, any time that I find church stuff that is not tucked away in scriptures, I put them here.



BOOK BASKETS-Baskets, like the ones above, are perfect for storing books in a visually appealing way in any room you want. I love books! Who doesn’t? I love having books on hand, anytime, when a little one wants to grab one and take a look. Having books in more than one location makes for more opportunities to read with our children.


SOCK BASKET-We will go into more detail on the SOCK BASKET tomorrow, but for now, I LOVE this basket! It sits near our front door, and insures that little ones have socks available for shoes anytime. We don’t like stinky shoes around here, so if you don’t either, make a SOCK BASKET!!

The possibilities are endless for BASKET STORAGE. Remember that you can find very in expensive baskets at places like Marshalls, TJMaxx, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Wal-Mart, Target, garage sales, etc.

For tomorrow:

Tomorrow for SUPER SATURDAY we are going to talk about SOCKS! Too fun!

See you tomorrow!


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Therapy Thursday-Visitors' greeting

Now that we have taken care of the physical spaces of the
how does it feel?
When you enter YOUR home, do you feel a sweet feeling?
Sometimes, opening ourselves up, has very little to do with the asking of company to come over, and more to do with the peace we feel with the condition of our homes.
Invite a neighbor in.
Next week we are going to work on the
so those areas will be tackled too!
Think about WHO you would like to invite over.
Maybe it is just your sister who hasn't been over for awhile, or a neighbor after she drops the kids off from carpool.
For tomorrow:
For our FAST-FIX FRIDAY, we are going to talk about how DECORATIVE BASKETS can help us organize things.
See you tomorrow!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wrap-Up Wednesday-Welcome Guests

Today is WRAP-UP WEDNESDAY, so let's DOUBLE CHECK on our welcome to our guests!

Saturday, we conquered the FRONT PORCH. Monday, we did the FRONT ENTRY, and yesterday, the COAT CLOSET was tackled as well.

If you haven't gotten this far, do the finishing touches TODAY!

If you are done, take a walk outside. Walk up the front walkway, ring the doorbell and come on in!

Does it look clean from top to bottom? Is it inviting? Could it use a nice picture or lamp? Is the closet ready for guests to hang their coat and have a great time? Are there extra hangers for their coats? Did you make a sock basket for your little ones? Could your door use some Spring wreaths?

Today is the day to finish!

For tomorrow:
Tomorrow is THERAPY THURSDAY, so I will greet you first thing with the question of the day!

See you tomorrow!


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tackle Tuesday-Front Coat Closet

The thing we are tackling today is...the FRONT COAT CLOSET!
Let's just get started!
Here's the STEP-BY-STEP:
STEP #1-EMPTY-The first thing that you want to do is empty the entire closet. Take all coats, on their hangers, and place them on the floor in the closest room. Take everything off the shelves, and clear the floor.
STEP #2-CLEAN-Start at the top and clean everything. Wipe down the shelf, wipe down the coat rack, wipe down the baseboard and vacuum and edge the floor. Last, but not least, wipe down the door, inside and out!
STEP #3-SORT-Sort through everything that you had in the closet. Does it need to be there? Is there a better place or way to store this item? If so, do it.
STEP #4-REPLACE-Replace everything to its' place. Store the jackets sorted style and color. Store all light jackets together, heavy coats together, and so on. Let it result in an organized appearance as you open the closet. Store things on shelf in an organized manner as well. I use labeled dishpans to store chargers and video equipment. What can you use to make it look uniform?
STEP #5-REVIEW-Once you are done, close the closet, and then open it and see where your eyes are drawn first. Does it look in order? If not, what can you change?
Great job!
It has great ideas for bag storage and storage for hats, gloves and scarves!
For tomorrow:
Tomorrow is WRAP-UP WEDNESDAY, so let's wrap up the front part of the house!
See you tomorrow!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday Madness-Front Entry

Saturday, we started the MARCH MADNESS and today it continues.
Last time we did the FRONT DOOR, now we have the FRONT ENTRY.
The FRONT ENTRY is the first thing that greets your guests after they walk in the door.
So, let's make it great!
Here's our STEP-BY-STEP:
STEP #1-REMOVE-Remove anything that is in your entry that does not belong!
STEP #2-CLEAN-Clean your entry from top to bottom. Clean windows, wipe down baseboards, dust all entry furniture, etc.
STEP #3-REPLACE-Put all things in place where they belong after being cleaned.
STEP #4-ADD-Decide what you need to add to make your entry more inviting. Do you want to add a bench, a coat rack, or maybe even small table for entry lighting?
Once you have you FRONT ENTRY together, go outside, and walk in the front door. What more can you do? What organization things could you put in the entry to help life go smoother? We keep a sock basket full of everyone's socks for easier mornings. We have a picture of Christ on the table to enjoy as we come in. What do you have? What could you add?
For tomorrow:
Tomorrow is TACKLE TUESDAY, so let's tackle that COAT CLOSET!
We already have one COAT CLOSET tackled on a previous post, but let's look at another option.
See you tomorrow!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Special Sunday-Sweet treats

Sunday is a perfect day to bake up some SWEET TREATS and share them with a friend!

They say that, “the fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach,” well, I believe that applies to SWEET TREATS for neighbors, friends, and family.

Take some time today and put together a little something sweet, pair it with a thoughtful note of thanks or friendship and you have the perfect package for a drop off.

Grab one of the kids for a “one-on-one” in the car and head out.

My kids LOVE to DOORBELL DITCH, so recruit one of them to help brighten another’s day.

Have fun!

For tomorrow:

MONDAY MADNESS brings the mayhem at the FRONT DOOR!

See you tomorrow!


Saturday, March 6, 2010

Super Saturday-Front Porch Project

SUPER SATURDAY has a little project in store for us.

Since March is the month where we are starting at the

FRONT DOOR and working our way through the whole house, let’s start with the


What does your front porch look like?

Is it clean?

Is it inviting?

What can you do to improve it?


Here is the step-by-step:

STEP #1-CLEAR EVERYTHING-Take everything off your porch. Remove chairs, tables, pots, etc.

STEP #2-CLEAN-Hose down everything from top to bottom. Wash all light fixtures. Wipe down door. Wipe down all pots. Weed any flowers, if you are fortunate to live in a warm climate. Spray down any outdoor furniture that may be kept there. Spray down any doormats. Wash all windows. Just make sure everything is in the best condition possible.

STEP #3-REPLACE-Replace any plants that have died. Replace the light bulbs in the fixtures. Look at the condition of your doormats. Do they need to be replaced? Once everything is fixed, replace all items back on the porch and set them up.

STEP #4-IMPROVE-What can you do to make your porch look even more inviting? What else could you do to improve it?

STEP #5-CHORE CHART-Add this area to your family’s chore chart. Add it so that it stays picked up and welcoming.

For Tomorrow:

SPECIAL SUNDAY is wonderful!

Think sweet for tomorrow!


Friday, March 5, 2010

Fast-Fix Friday-More than ties!

Today, we have a little thing called a TIE RACK.

But, it is more than just for TIES!

Here are some ideas for this little ditty:

The obvious…TIE RACK








What can you do with this LITTLE “TIE” RACK?

For tomorrow:


Tomorrow we are going to tackle the FRONT PORCH!

See you tomorrow!


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Therapy Thursday-What can you let go of?

Now your CLOSET looks GREAT!

Now I want you to walk back in there…LOOK AROUND…and see what you DON’T USE or DON’T NEED.

Maybe it is maternity clothes, or old sweaters, or if you were me, size 6 jeans that I haven’t worn for EIGHT years!

Gather these things together and DONATE THEM to someone who can use them NOW!

For tomorrow:

FAST-FIX FRIDAY is a quick organization tool for the CLOSET, BATHROOM, and maybe even the GARAGE.

See you tomorrow!


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wrap-up Wednesday-Clean the corners

If you have finished the MAIN portion of your closet, take a few minutes and clean out the CORNERS.

If you have any small things cluttering up your closet, TAKE THEM OUT.

If they need to stay, FIND A WAY TO ORGANIZE THEM and store them NEATLY.

For example: I had RIBBONS and RIBBONS and RIBBONS, cluttering up my closet.

I found a cardboard “dresser” at the local Wal-mart for $5 and stored the ribbons, SORTED by COLOR, in the drawers.

What do you need to de-clutter?


For tomorrow:

Tomorrow is THERAPY THURSDAY and I want you to think…what can I let go of?

See you tomorrow.


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tackle Tuesday-Adult Closet Organization

I think that I have learned my lesson on “tackling” projects the same day that I would like to post them.

No more.

I will jump ahead of the rest of you from now on, so that the posts are ready to go.

Hopefully, that will help you be the most successful with your time.


Here’s how we did it:

STEP #1-Yesterday you should have laundered, hung and folded ALL YOUR CLOTHES and found EVERYTHING that belongs in your closet and got them ready to go.

STEP #2-Let’s start with SHOES!


Shoes can be stored however you like, but I like TOES OUT for dress shoes and HEELS OUT for boots, matched as a pair. It doesn’t matter if you have fancy shelving or just line them up on the closet floor. If you match them and place them neatly, they will be easy to find and look organized.

STEP #3-SHIRTS-I like to hang shirts in a certain order. You can do whatever works best for you, but just think

VISUALLY ORGANIZED. I hang short-sleeved 1st, from lightest to darkest, long-sleeved 2nd, from lightest to darkest, turtlenecks, sweaters, and some sweatshirts. Maybe you fold some of these on shelves, that is great, just keep in mind how you want them to look.


STEP #4-PANTS/SKIRTS-I store pants by size with jeans first and them dress pants lightest to darkest. If you are like me and could potentially wear three different sizes in ONE season, store the pants together, but sorted by size for easy convenience. You can also store pants neatly folded on shelves. Just remember, store CURRENT size on top. Skirts are just great to hang. They are easy to find and hang nicely.


STEP #5-JACKETS-Jackets should follow the pattern of everything else, short-sleeved lightest to darkest, long-sleeved lightest to darkest.


STEP #6-DRESSES/SUITS-Dresses and suits need space length-wise, so remember that when choosing WHERE to store them. They also can be hung lightest to darkest for the best VISUAL result. I also hang extra robes in this section because of their length and boys’ suits for a quick find on Sunday morning!


STEP #7-SWEATERS/SWEATSHIRTS-Sweaters should usually NOT be hung, because of their weight which can stretch the sweater. I prefer to put them on shelves in the closet, but they can also be stored in an armoire, or storage shelf as well. Fold them in a similar pattern to create a continuous pattern and organized section visually. Shelves are also a great place for extra blankets.


STEP #8-PJs, SWEATS, and SHORTS-I store all of these items on shelves, because it is a lot more practical than hanging them! Store PJ sets together, sweats and shorts lightest to darkest. Dressers are also a GREAT place for these items. When storing them in drawers, use the same strategy and things will be easy to find.


STEP #9-BELTS/TIES-Belts and ties can easily be organized and kept neatly on very inexpensive tie racks. Here is a picture of how I store my belts. A very simple tie rack can do the trick. Look for these in your local store in the house wares section. So handy, and great to keep them organized.


STEP #10-OVER-THE-DOOR organizer-Remember how I LOVE this thing? Well, they can be used for your shoes, your extra supplies, belts rolled up, ball caps, and for me…baby shoes.


STEP #11-IRON/IRONING BOARD-I store these two things in my closet, because that’s where I store the things needing to be ironed. I know, WAY TOO LOGIC! If you have room in your closet, or a nearby linen closet, these inexpensive organizers are easy to hang and keep the board and iron in a great place.


STEP #12-BASKETS STORAGE-Don’t forget how useful simple baskets can be. Here are a couple ideas on how I stored little things in my closet using these nifty things. I share a closet with the baby, so here are her tights in one, and socks in another.

That is the SOCK MONKEY standing guard over the socks!






I spent an afternoon doing this after all clothes were washed, folded and hung and I LOVE THE RESULTS.

I know that lightest to darkest isn’t going to be perfect everyday, but if you store like things together, they are just much easier to find!

For Tomorrow:

For WRAP-UP WEDNESDAY, I want you to complete your closet and send us a picture is you are so inclined.

I believe in POSITIVE PEER PRESSURE, which is why I choose my friends VERY CAREFULLY!

See you tomorrow!


Monday, March 1, 2010

Monday Madness-March Madness-Adult Closet

Today is Monday.


So, get your clothes all done and collect EVERYTHING that belongs in your CLOSET.


All shoes

All clothes

All belts

All jackets

All suits and/or dresses

All PJs

**Hint: Everything that you normally store in your closet, MUST BE COLLECTED!!!

Then spend the rest of your Monday catching up on the EVERYDAY TASKS, because tomorrow is TACKLE TUESDAY!

For tomorrow:


If everything is ready, you will be able to be successful in your closet!

See you tomorrow!