Thursday, March 18, 2010

Therapy Thursday-Making Memories

I know that we have been talking about these two rooms for days, but let’s just talk about some things that we can do to make some memories in these spaces.

What good does all your hard work to organize your room do if you never take the time to enjoy the spaces?

Here are two suggestions:

#1-CALL SOMEONE RIGHT NOW THAT YOU HAVE NOT SEEN OR VISITED WITH IN A WHILE.  Invite them over and take the time to catch up in your LIVING ROOM!

#2-PICK A BOOK AND READ TO ONE OF YOUR CHILDREN.  Take the ten minutes, and snuggle tight with them.  They will LOVE this!


PICK UP YOUR CURRENT BOOK AND READ FOR AN HOUR.  No distractions, just you and your book!

For tomorrow:

FAST-FIX FRIDAY is going to reveal the giveaway that BECCA won last month, introduce the next giveaway and finish the FAST FIXES for your READING SPACE!

See you tomorrow!


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