Saturday, March 6, 2010

Super Saturday-Front Porch Project

SUPER SATURDAY has a little project in store for us.

Since March is the month where we are starting at the

FRONT DOOR and working our way through the whole house, let’s start with the


What does your front porch look like?

Is it clean?

Is it inviting?

What can you do to improve it?


Here is the step-by-step:

STEP #1-CLEAR EVERYTHING-Take everything off your porch. Remove chairs, tables, pots, etc.

STEP #2-CLEAN-Hose down everything from top to bottom. Wash all light fixtures. Wipe down door. Wipe down all pots. Weed any flowers, if you are fortunate to live in a warm climate. Spray down any outdoor furniture that may be kept there. Spray down any doormats. Wash all windows. Just make sure everything is in the best condition possible.

STEP #3-REPLACE-Replace any plants that have died. Replace the light bulbs in the fixtures. Look at the condition of your doormats. Do they need to be replaced? Once everything is fixed, replace all items back on the porch and set them up.

STEP #4-IMPROVE-What can you do to make your porch look even more inviting? What else could you do to improve it?

STEP #5-CHORE CHART-Add this area to your family’s chore chart. Add it so that it stays picked up and welcoming.

For Tomorrow:

SPECIAL SUNDAY is wonderful!

Think sweet for tomorrow!


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