Saturday, March 13, 2010

Super Saturday-Socks, socks and more socks!

Saturday is a perfect day for SOCK HUNTING!

SOCK HUNTING is a little Cecil tradition where we try to find

EVERY SINGLE SOCK we have ever owned. (We sometimes find neighbors’ socks as well!)

We look in places like under the trampoline, on the pool deck for those spontaneous dips, the driveway, the cars, etc.

It is really a fun game, so try it today. Have the kids look under beds in gym bags, and maybe your spouse just leaves them, like usual, right next to the bed!

When you have collected all the socks…


Let’s talk about all those things for a minute:

CLEAN-Clean all the socks. I would wash the colored ones together and give the whites a good shot of bleach.

EVALUATE-When the socks are all ready, evaluate each one for holes, wear, stretching, etc. THROW the bad ones away.

PAIR-This might sound like a simple and obvious one, but pair the socks matching heels together and folded at the top.

PUT AWAY-Have everyone put their socks away. I also have a fun idea that I showed you yesterday that you might want to reconsider if you didn’t do it yesterday. We have a sock basket by the front door. I know that may sound very tacky to some, but for us, it is wonderful! I store all the kids’ socks here. It is wonderful for my “sock patrol” in the morning. No stinky feet!


THROW AWAY-Last, but not least, throw away any unpaired socks. This step is very hard for me. The frugal side of me just can bear to throw away a perfectly good little girl sock, but do it. You will be better off. You will have a fresh start!

For tomorrow:


See you tomorrow!


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