Thursday, March 25, 2010

Therapy Thursday-Pots and Pans

You are probable asking yourself, “What do pots and pans have to do with therapy?”

Well, we are on our KITCHEN adventure and I love to add a little reflection as we work.

First the reflection…I seriously do love when my little ones play in the pots and pans cabinet. Truthfully, I only love it for about 30 minutes, then I have to redirect them before the migraine sets in, but I do love the look on their faces when they realize how loud they can be.

Now the work…

Here is our BEFORE:



STEP #1-EMPTY-Take everything out of the POTS and PANS cabinet.

STEP #2-VACUUM-Take the edger piece of the vacuum and vacuum the corners, the middle and the track of the cabinet.

STEP #3-WIPE DOWN-Wipe everything down. Wipe the inside of the cabinet, the tracks and the door, inside and out.

STEP #4-ORGANIZE-Organize all like pots together, pans together, and lids. Get rid of pans you don’t use or that you have several duplicates of.

STEP #5-REPLACE-Replace all pots and pans back in cabinet with the most used in the front. It is ok if they would look better in the back, put them where you will use them the most. It will be easier to keep them organized as they are put away.




For tomorrow:

For FAST-FIX FRIDAY, we are going to do the easiest drawer in the KITCHEN…the TOWEL DRAWER!

See you tomorrow!


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