Friday, March 26, 2010

Fast-Fix Friday-Towel Drawer

Today is TOWEL DRAWER day!

Yeah for us!


Here is the BEFORE:


We have about a dozen washcloths missing and several bibs, but we got the job done!

Here is the STEP-by-STEP:

STEP #1-EMPTY-Empty everything out of your towel drawer. There may be things in there that don’t even belong. (Like the licorice we found this morning!)

STEP #2-VACUUM-You may think that you don’t need to vacuum drawers, but you do. Vacuum the corners especially!

STEP #3-WIPE DOWN-Wipe down the drawer inside and out. Don’t forget the knob if you have one.

STEP #4-ORGANIZE-Organize all the towels folded the same way. Organize anything else that you keep in there. Make sure it makes sense to store the things that you have in the TOWEL DRAWER.

STEP #5-REPLACE-Place all towels in an orderly fashion back in the drawers.


and the AFTER:


For tomorrow:

For SUPER SATURDAY, we are going to tackle another BIG kitchen project…the OVEN.

See you tomorrow!


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