Saturday, March 20, 2010

Super Saturday-Give-away & that Refrigerator

First, let’s get down to some business. In February, one of our followers, Becca, won the first ever, HEAPS OR HAPPINESS GIVE-AWAY!!

Do you want to see what she won?


Lucky girl won a GREAT SUPPLY of everything you would need to start this journey of organizing valued at $60!

  • Storage containers for storing clothes or holiday items
  • Laundry baskets for sorting or you know…laundry
  • An expandable file for kids’ papers, bills, etc.
  • A coupon holder for receipts or coupons
  • Dish tubs in four colors for sorting, storing paper or supplies
  • 10 shoe boxes with lids for bathroom or office supplies
  • A desk calendar for family scheduling or personal goal setting
  • File folders for the TO FILE pile
  • Drawer organizers for pens, pencils, toothbrushes, toothpaste, hair ties, etc.
  • And a pack of gum to happily chew along the way or for bribing family members to join in the work


Now for our next GIVEAWAY…many of you have been working very hard right alongside us everyday and I think a night out is in order.

So…for those of you who are willing to share our organizing website with a friend, family member or friend…you have many chances to win this time.

First, you can comment on your favorite post and enter yourself to win


Second, you can pass our site along to someone, have them comment so that we can welcome them, and then we will add BOTH your names to the drawing.




Who doesn’t want to go to a great dinner and the movie after working so hard all week?

JOIN US AND WIN! Not just this month’s prize, BUT the PEACE that comes from putting your life in order!!!



Take an hour today and clean the refrigerator.

This is the MOST USED appliance in the house, so give it a good cleaning.

I try to tackle mine the first week of the month, but you may be able to go longer or feel the need to clean yours more often.

Either way, let’s go through it STEP-BY-STEP!

STEP #1-EMPTY-Empty everything out of the refrigerator. Obvious, I know, but sometimes people try to clean AROUND what is already in there. Get everything out, and throw away the bad as you go.

STEP #2-SORT-As you are emptying, or right after, SORT everything that you have in your fridge. Sometimes there are THREE bottles of ketchup opened, because they are on three different shelves. Put all dressings together, meats together, etc.

STEP #3-CLEAN-Wash down, with dish detergent, EVERY shelf, drawer and space in that refrigerator. Remember that your shelves are COLD when you are washing them, so use no hotter than WARM water to wash them down. As the glass warms, you can do a final rinse with HOT water. If you rinse them with HOT water to start, you run the risk of breaking the glass, so be careful! Don’t forget to wipe down the inside of the door, the walls of the refrigerator and even the top. If you have a sticky mess, like popsicle, get your towel full of very HOT water and let the towel sit on the mess for a couple of minutes, and it will come right off.

STEP #4-REPLACE-As you put everything back in, store like things together in a sensible place. This sounds really basic, but you would be surprised how many people store their items all over. Pick a drawer for produce and put ALL PRODUCE in that drawer. Choose a drawer for meats and cheeses and store all of them together. Always put the MILK on the same shelf, that way, everyone knows where it is, and you can glance quickly to know if you need to add it to the shopping list.

STEP #5-REPEAT-Repeat the above steps for the freezer and you will have a CLEAN REFRIGERATOR in no time! In the freezer, remember to store things that need to be cooked or eaten first, on the upper shelves, so that you see them first.

For tomorrow:

SPECIAL SUNDAY is a time for reflection, so we will do just that!

See you tomorrow!


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  1. Thanks so much, Laura. The prize is awesome!!! I'd better get to work using them.