Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday Madness-A “living” Living Room


Is your Living Room livable in the sense of being ready for company anytime?

Could you invite a friend in off the porch and visit with them in a clean, organized and inviting space?

Don’t underestimate having a room that is ready for a good visit.

Let’s work on it “step-by-step”

STEP #1-CHOOSE-You have to choose a room that is going to be your sanctuary. You may have an actual “living room,” which is great, but if you don’t, what room can you dedicate yourself to keeping ready for company?

STEP #2-PLAN-What is your plan? Do you need furniture? Do you need to move things in or out to keep it ready? Write it down, step-by-step.

STEP #3-CLEAN-You knew I was going to say this. Clean the entire room from top to bottom. Don’t forget curtains, windows and baseboards. If you start with a clean slate, you will be ready to enjoy everything when it is ready to go.

STEP #4-SET-UP-Set up your room, so that it is the way you would have your furniture to enjoy company. Don’t forget decor and pictures. Have fun and be creative.

STEP #5-VISIT-Now just enjoy it. Invite that neighbor in to visit. Let your visiting teachers linger a little longer in a space you put together.

For tomorrow:

TACKLE TUESDAY is going to tackle another space you have to enjoy life a little more.

See you tomorrow!


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