Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday Madness-Spring Break & Kitchens

I know that normally you wouldn’t put “Spring Break” and "Kitchens” in the same sentence, but here at HEAPS OR HAPPINESS, they go hand in hand!

At our home, we do a “Spring Clean” on the kitchen on the first day of FALL BREAK and the first day of SPRING BREAK.

I let the kids sleep in for as long as they can, (which at my house is about 8am,) we have a big breakfast, and then we pick our cabinet and drawers.

Everyone in the house has to pick 3 cabinets and 2 drawers in the KITCHEN to start our cleaning.

I usually come up with a really COOL bribe, like the movies, picking a new swimsuit for the season, or double chore money. Whatever you have to do to get the team on board…


Here is the STEP-by-STEP on how to get started and prepare yourself for this major project:

STEP #1-CHOOSE-Choose the day that you are going to accomplish this, choose the “bribe” and have everyone pick their cabinets. We use POST-ITS with everyone’s name on them and take turns choosing cabinets. Some cabinets and drawers are much harder and time consuming, so try and make it even. If you don’t have a house full of helpers, choose what cabinets you are going to start with and plan according.

STEP #2-BEGIN-Each drawer and cabinet should follow the same pattern. As we go through each cabinet and drawer over the next couple of weeks, you will see the same pattern repeated over and over. EMPTY-VACUUM-WIPE DOWN-ORGANIZE-REPLACE.

STEP #3-REVIEW-Review every cabinet and make sure everything is in its’ place. If you have something that came out of a cabinet that belonged elsewhere, put it away. Make sure all of the cabinet doors have been wiped down and lighted oiled (we just use a simple cabinet oil cleaner to polish the doors.)

For tomorrow:

For TACKLE TUESDAY, we will begin with the hardest CABINET…the PANTRY.

Part I-Cans, Pasta, Backup will be on TUESDAY

and Part II-Baking Supplies will be on WRAP-UP WEDNESDAY.

With the TWO HARDEST done first, you will be able to cruise on the easier drawers and cabinets like POTS and DISH TOWELS.

Off to clean my two pantry cabinets.

See you tomorrow!


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