Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tackle Tuesday-Adult Closet Organization

I think that I have learned my lesson on “tackling” projects the same day that I would like to post them.

No more.

I will jump ahead of the rest of you from now on, so that the posts are ready to go.

Hopefully, that will help you be the most successful with your time.


Here’s how we did it:

STEP #1-Yesterday you should have laundered, hung and folded ALL YOUR CLOTHES and found EVERYTHING that belongs in your closet and got them ready to go.

STEP #2-Let’s start with SHOES!


Shoes can be stored however you like, but I like TOES OUT for dress shoes and HEELS OUT for boots, matched as a pair. It doesn’t matter if you have fancy shelving or just line them up on the closet floor. If you match them and place them neatly, they will be easy to find and look organized.

STEP #3-SHIRTS-I like to hang shirts in a certain order. You can do whatever works best for you, but just think

VISUALLY ORGANIZED. I hang short-sleeved 1st, from lightest to darkest, long-sleeved 2nd, from lightest to darkest, turtlenecks, sweaters, and some sweatshirts. Maybe you fold some of these on shelves, that is great, just keep in mind how you want them to look.


STEP #4-PANTS/SKIRTS-I store pants by size with jeans first and them dress pants lightest to darkest. If you are like me and could potentially wear three different sizes in ONE season, store the pants together, but sorted by size for easy convenience. You can also store pants neatly folded on shelves. Just remember, store CURRENT size on top. Skirts are just great to hang. They are easy to find and hang nicely.


STEP #5-JACKETS-Jackets should follow the pattern of everything else, short-sleeved lightest to darkest, long-sleeved lightest to darkest.


STEP #6-DRESSES/SUITS-Dresses and suits need space length-wise, so remember that when choosing WHERE to store them. They also can be hung lightest to darkest for the best VISUAL result. I also hang extra robes in this section because of their length and boys’ suits for a quick find on Sunday morning!


STEP #7-SWEATERS/SWEATSHIRTS-Sweaters should usually NOT be hung, because of their weight which can stretch the sweater. I prefer to put them on shelves in the closet, but they can also be stored in an armoire, or storage shelf as well. Fold them in a similar pattern to create a continuous pattern and organized section visually. Shelves are also a great place for extra blankets.


STEP #8-PJs, SWEATS, and SHORTS-I store all of these items on shelves, because it is a lot more practical than hanging them! Store PJ sets together, sweats and shorts lightest to darkest. Dressers are also a GREAT place for these items. When storing them in drawers, use the same strategy and things will be easy to find.


STEP #9-BELTS/TIES-Belts and ties can easily be organized and kept neatly on very inexpensive tie racks. Here is a picture of how I store my belts. A very simple tie rack can do the trick. Look for these in your local store in the house wares section. So handy, and great to keep them organized.


STEP #10-OVER-THE-DOOR organizer-Remember how I LOVE this thing? Well, they can be used for your shoes, your extra supplies, belts rolled up, ball caps, and for me…baby shoes.


STEP #11-IRON/IRONING BOARD-I store these two things in my closet, because that’s where I store the things needing to be ironed. I know, WAY TOO LOGIC! If you have room in your closet, or a nearby linen closet, these inexpensive organizers are easy to hang and keep the board and iron in a great place.


STEP #12-BASKETS STORAGE-Don’t forget how useful simple baskets can be. Here are a couple ideas on how I stored little things in my closet using these nifty things. I share a closet with the baby, so here are her tights in one, and socks in another.

That is the SOCK MONKEY standing guard over the socks!






I spent an afternoon doing this after all clothes were washed, folded and hung and I LOVE THE RESULTS.

I know that lightest to darkest isn’t going to be perfect everyday, but if you store like things together, they are just much easier to find!

For Tomorrow:

For WRAP-UP WEDNESDAY, I want you to complete your closet and send us a picture is you are so inclined.

I believe in POSITIVE PEER PRESSURE, which is why I choose my friends VERY CAREFULLY!

See you tomorrow!


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