Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wrap-Up Wednesday-Welcome Guests

Today is WRAP-UP WEDNESDAY, so let's DOUBLE CHECK on our welcome to our guests!

Saturday, we conquered the FRONT PORCH. Monday, we did the FRONT ENTRY, and yesterday, the COAT CLOSET was tackled as well.

If you haven't gotten this far, do the finishing touches TODAY!

If you are done, take a walk outside. Walk up the front walkway, ring the doorbell and come on in!

Does it look clean from top to bottom? Is it inviting? Could it use a nice picture or lamp? Is the closet ready for guests to hang their coat and have a great time? Are there extra hangers for their coats? Did you make a sock basket for your little ones? Could your door use some Spring wreaths?

Today is the day to finish!

For tomorrow:
Tomorrow is THERAPY THURSDAY, so I will greet you first thing with the question of the day!

See you tomorrow!


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