Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday Madness-Front Entry

Saturday, we started the MARCH MADNESS and today it continues.
Last time we did the FRONT DOOR, now we have the FRONT ENTRY.
The FRONT ENTRY is the first thing that greets your guests after they walk in the door.
So, let's make it great!
Here's our STEP-BY-STEP:
STEP #1-REMOVE-Remove anything that is in your entry that does not belong!
STEP #2-CLEAN-Clean your entry from top to bottom. Clean windows, wipe down baseboards, dust all entry furniture, etc.
STEP #3-REPLACE-Put all things in place where they belong after being cleaned.
STEP #4-ADD-Decide what you need to add to make your entry more inviting. Do you want to add a bench, a coat rack, or maybe even small table for entry lighting?
Once you have you FRONT ENTRY together, go outside, and walk in the front door. What more can you do? What organization things could you put in the entry to help life go smoother? We keep a sock basket full of everyone's socks for easier mornings. We have a picture of Christ on the table to enjoy as we come in. What do you have? What could you add?
For tomorrow:
Tomorrow is TACKLE TUESDAY, so let's tackle that COAT CLOSET!
We already have one COAT CLOSET tackled on a previous post, but let's look at another option.
See you tomorrow!

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