Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tackle Tuesday-Reading Corner

DSC_0381Here it is!


This is our little reading corner.

Finding a reading space is so simple. It can be a corner of your basement, a little corner in your apartment, or wherever you can stick a basket of books and some blankets.

Here is all you need to make a space for you and your family:

STEP #1-CHOOSE-Do you see a pattern from yesterday? Choose a spot that you want to work your magic on. Think about a space tucked away from the busyness.

STEP #2-PLAN-Plan what you need. Do you want a chair, couch or just a basket full of blankets? Beanbags are also perfect for these spaces. Remember, write down your plan, and then FOLLOW IT!

STEP #3-CLEAN-Yes. Clean it all up. Vacuum, edge, dust and wipe everything down. No one wants to read with clutter and dust all around.

STEP #4-SET-UP-Set it all up. The chair, the blanket, the books. I love having a bookcase right there full of fun books. I even stash what I am reading in there too.

STEP #5-INTRODUCE- Introduce the family to everyone’s new reading spot. Not everyone will use it, but it is there. I love to escape to this spot.

STEP #6-ENJOY-Grab a little one and read a classic Dr. Seuss. Maybe, just grab a book you are working on and curl up in the chair!

For tomorrow:

WRAP-UP WEDNESDAY is just that. Wrapping up the two rooms we worked on this week.

See you tomorrow!


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