Friday, February 5, 2010

Fast-Fix Friday-Love those laundry baskets

FAST-FIX FRIDAY was more like FREAKY FRIDAY.  It is now 10:40 which is completely appropriate, and on a scale of 1 to 10 of how tired I am, I am a 10 and today was my sweetheart’s 40th birthday and we still haven’t opened gifts!

Long, but great day!

Now let’s get down to business…LAUNDRY BASKETS!

Today is a perfect example of how wonderful these little things are!

Today we decorated at the church in one of those events that we insanely take upon ourselves, and LAUNDRY BASKETS were carried in with frames, scissors, material and even chips and salsa.

Then I went and helped a friend move…and there they were…LAUNDRY BASKETS carrying bathroom supplies, and kitchen items and even…real laundry!

Here are a few ideas of how these $3 pieces of magic can help with more than laundry:

1. They can be used to sort paper. (As we have already learned.)

2. They can be used for quick pick-up.

3. They can hold bags and backpacks in the bottom of a coat closet.

4. They can hold shoes, both clean and dirty, in the garage.

5.  They can be used to quickly empty the car for Saturday clean-out.

6. They can be used to easily transport things in the car.

I would go on and on, but now I am an 11 and I can’t let my hubby fall asleep without me on his birthday!

For tomorrow:

Just a warning…the event that needed SIX hours of decorating today, will happen tomorrow, and need to be put all away, SO tomorrow’s post will not happen until the afternoon.  If you have time planned in the morning, look back on a past Saturday and make sure you have all the previous Saturday posts covered.

***I also will announce the winner of our weekly giveaway.  If you know me, you know that I believe in 2nd chances, so I will still let you guys comment and still be in the running, so DO IT!

Good night organization friends!


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