Sunday, February 7, 2010

Special Sunday-Memories in the making

I hope you had a wonderful Sunday.

I think that you will have a great experience with what we are doing today and the days to follow.

This will only take about 30 minutes, but will literally give you HOURS back in your week!

Here’s how we do it:

STEP #1-GATHER all those supplies we talked about on SUPER SATURDAY. You need your recipe books, a pen and some paper.  If you already have a two week menu plan, you ROCK!  But it never hurts to try a new process or improve on the one you have.  I have experienced this many times.

STEP #2-PLAN-Take each child, one-by-one, and have them choose two dinners that they love to eat(depending on the size of your family, have them choose one to three meals and you and your spouse can choose the rest.)  Then plan them according to the family planner on when that child is available to help make their dinners.  **I also have them suggest breakfasts that they like and would like to try.  **I even have them suggest new lunch items if we need a change up.  This individual planning time is GREAT!  Take the time to talk to them about what they like, how they are doing, and what could change.

STEP #3-MAKE SHOPPING LIST-After you have all the meals chosen and written on your calendar, make your shopping list.  I have a pre-printed list and put checks next to what I need.  You can make a list of your own, or find one online.  This is great for a quick cabinet, pantry and refrigerator check for supplies.  Often I would miss things like vanilla or potatoes in the corner of the pantry.  If you have a pre-typed list you are less likely to miss things.

Here is a great grocery list that I found online at

STEP #4-SHOP-Don’t forget to take your list.  If you forgot it, go back home if you live close.  You will spend less with a list and avoid missing ingredients for your upcoming meals.

STEP #5-MAKE THE MEALS AND MEMORIES!  If you have your children and husband help in the making of dinner, they will appreciate the process and the meal even more.  I believe this.  Your children will also learn how to make their favorite meals, making them more self-reliant and self-confident.  Most importantly, you will make meals while having conversations with them that will change your relationship.  Second to bedtime, is the sharing that happens around the making of food in our kitchen that enhance our relationships with each other.  I promise you that you will never forget teaching them to make spaghetti for the first time, or watching them as they ice their first cake.  Don’t miss out on this.

No matter what plan works for your family, DO IT!

If you have a good plan, improve the conversation.  Tell them stories about yourself.  Read inspirational stories during the day that you can share with them. OR JUST LISTEN TO THEM.  I have taught teenagers for years, and the thing that builds the trust and love is all in the LISTENING, NOT THE TALKING!  When you listen, you can be prompted by the Spirit to really hear them and know what to say or not to say.

Have fun!

For tomorrow:

For MONDAY MADNESS we are starting another incredible week.

We are conquering CLOTHES!

So tonight, before bed, have everyone quickly collect their dirty clothes so that you can start on them first thing.

I will try and post early for those of you with all your clean clothes taken care of and put away, put if I don’t, DO ALL LAUNDRY and we will be organizing it ALL WEEK!

Have a great night visiting with your family and planning your two week menu!

See you tomorrow!


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