Thursday, February 11, 2010

Therapy Thursday-From Babies to Breathing

Ok, so 8am was TWELVE hours ago, but I do have great excuses for being so late, but I won’t bore you with any of them!


For those of you without the WEE ones in your life right now, we will start with THERAPY, which will actually be a great way for you to end your Thursday.


“How does it feel to have de-cluttered my clothes and benefited others by giving away what I am not using?”

Do you have PEACE in your heart, mind and closet floor?

You should.

Did you remember to take a picture of your donations for tax purposes and then drive them to the give-away bin?

If not, plan on doing that in the morning.

Don’t let those things that could help someone else, right now, sit in your garage.

Great work!

Ok, you sweet women who are probably wondering how you are ever going to finish everything, because you have a little one pulling apart your piles faster than you can fold and sort!

Here we go:


STEP #1-GATHER all clothes and set on floor in front of you.  Make sure you have everything.

STEP #2-SORT by shirts, shorts, skirts, dresses, PJs, shoes, etc.

STEP #3-ORGANIZE each pile by size.  Store all outfits together.  I hang EVERYTHING!  I hang my baby clothes by outfit, so that anyone can dress the baby in a flash.  I actually think that Annie can practically dress herself the way we have her set up.  My sister, Julie, embraced this practice of hanging all clothes in outfits several years ago, and it has now blessed our lives immensely.

STEP #4-HANG all outfits according to size, and in each size range, hang shortest to tallest, or by style (i.e. SPRING, SUMMER, FALL, etc OR by COLOR)  Whatever, you feel, looks the most uniform and organized.

STEP #5-DETAILS.  Take care of all the little details that are left.  Store socks and tights in baskets, drawers or bins.  Store shoes in over-the-door organizer (scene on a previous post.)  Hang coats on main floor for quick use.  Organize any diapering supplies that are kept near clothing.

TOMORROW I WILL POST GREAT PICS, but tonight I am crashing!

For tomorrow:

Tomorrow’s FAST-FIX FRIDAY is a GREAT piece for organizing.  It is one of the main things that BECCA won last week!  Maybe, I will even get her prizes off to her tomorrow!

Have a great night!


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