Saturday, February 27, 2010

Super Saturday-Edging is Gold!

Today is a perfect day to get the VACUUMING done!

When you are vacuuming today, or supervising children like me,


I know that everyone vacuums the middle of the room, but do you take the time to EDGE?

Edging puts the FINISHING TOUCHES on a room!

How does this apply to ORGANIZATION?

You must have clean corners in a room and no clutter along the wall to EDGE with greatness!

Take a few minutes in EACH room to prepare them for EDGING during vacuuming.

Here’s how we do it: (Follow STEPS for EACH room)

STEP #1-ASSESS-Walk in each room and assess what needs to be picked up on the floor.

STEP #2-PICK-UP-Pick up everything that is in the corners and on the floor. In kids’ rooms, don’t forget around the base of the bed and behind doors where things love to hide.

STEP #3-SORT-Sort everything that you found for where it goes.

STEP #4-PUT AWAY-Take a few minutes and put away everything that is out of place.

STEP #5-EDGE-Use edging piece of vacuum to vacuum the baseboards 1st, and then all the edges of the carpet and around the base of all furniture.

STEP #6-VACUUM ROOM-Vacuum the rest of the room and TA DA…it’s a beautifully vacuumed room!

For tomorrow:

SPECIAL SUNDAY will greet us with a little thing that I think ROCKS!

See you tomorrow!


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