Saturday, February 20, 2010

Super Saturday-Finishing Touches on Kids’ Closets

Today is Saturday and a perfect day to take each child and take care of the finishing touches on their closets.

Here’s how to finish it off RIGHT:

STEP #1-ALL CLOTHING-Make sure all clothing is hung and folded properly.  Make sure that it all fits and is in proper condition.

STEP #2-ALL SHOES-Make sure shoes are paired correctly and stored in an organized fashion.

STEP #3-BASKET STORAGE-Organize the baskets in such a way that they can be used for easy and convenient storage.

STEP #4-TEACHING-Take a few minutes after everything is in its’ place, and teach your child the best way to put things away.  If you teach them how to hang the clothes facing the same direction and how to store like things together.  They will better be able to find their shoes, create coordinated outfits and have a place to store their extra things.

*Tip: I always keep a small basket or box for misc. items for quick pick-up.  On Saturdays, they can easily put away the small toys where they belong, or sort through papers, and other things in their quick pick-up basket.


For tomorrow:

SPECIAL SUNDAY is always a time for learning, reflection and peace.

See you tomorrow!


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