Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tackle Tuesday-Adult Access

We are tackling the access to your wardrobe today.

I have been working on mine and my husband’s all day, so I think I have some tips for you.

Now with all of your laundry clean and put away, we are ready to start.

Here’s how we can do it!

STEP #1-PANTS-I began with pants.  Maybe it is because I have sizes in my closet from one end of women’s sizes to the next.  I ended keeping the size I currently wear, and one size down on my hangers.  The other sizes I neatly folded and put on the shelves I have.  If you don’t have any extra shelves, you can store your extra sizes in a storage container and label it.  If you are at a weight where you maintain and have no need for those larger sizes, GIVE THEM AWAY.  Someone could use them right now.  I folded all of my pants button in and a pleat down the legs, hung on a hanger.  If you store your pants on shelves.  Fold them all the same way and store likes together.

STEP #2-SHIRTS-I went through my shirts, one-by-one, and hung them all on hangers facing the same way.  I took out all shirts that have not been worn in the last year.  Some I still liked quite a bit, but I have always been taught that if you haven’t used it in a year, give it to someone who will. I gathered a pretty nice pile of give-away.  I then organized the shirts in an organized manner.  This is the order that I think looks the best for me: SHORT-SLEEVED TEES, LONG-SLEEVED TEES, SHORT-SLEEVED SHIRTS AND BLOUSES, LONG-SLEEVED SHIRTS AND BLOUSES, AND HANGABLE SWEATERS AND JACKETS. 

STEP #3-SWEATERS-If you didn’t wear it last winter, or yet this one, give it away.  Take all the sweaters left and sort them by color or style, whatever you prefer.  Fold each one in the same uniform pattern and place on the shelf.

STEP #4-PJs and EXERCISE CLOTHES-I took out anything too worn or not used and added to the give-away pile.  I them sorted PJs by sets and singles and folded in a uniform pattern and placed on shelf.  I then did the same for exercise clothes.

STEP #5-UNDERCLOTHING-Empty drawer of all clothing. Wipe down drawer.  Sort through all underclothing using the same method as above.  Except, underclothing is not given away.  Just throw away too worn clothing and fold and place in drawer the rest.

STEP #6-SOCKS-Empty drawer.  Wipe down inside of drawer.  Pair all socks looking for worn heels, any holes or too much wear and tear.  Place pairs neatly in the drawer putting the lesser worn in the back or on the bottom, with the most used in the front or top.

STEP #7-SHOES-Shoes are wonderful!  I love how I can always feel great in my shoes now matter what size of pants I am currently wearing.  This ability to make us feel great is why we need to have them paired to perfection so that they are ready at a moments notice.  Pair each shoe together, toes together, and in a straight line.  Just remember, straight lines with shoes, hangers, etc. make for an organized space. 



For Tomorrow:

Tomorrow we are essentially do the EXACT same thing, except kid-style!

We have a few tips for smaller people clothing.

Send us BEFORE and AFTER photos of your clothes piles.  I will post mine tomorrow after I finish my husband’s with him tonight.

See you tomorrow.


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