Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wrap-up Wednesday-Kiddos clothes

Hey guys and gals.

I am aware that my posts are lagging later and later, but I will try and start posting every morning for those of you that have your organization time before 8pm, which is when I find myself with children in bed and work to be done.

With that being said, today is KIDS’ CLOTHES DAY!

Here’s how we can do it!


STEP #2-SHIRTS-Look for holes, check sizes and sort by color.

STEP #3-PANTS-Look for holes, check sizes, and sort by style.

STEP #4-SHORTS-Look for holes, check sizes and sort by style

(Do you see a pattern here?)

STEP #5-UNDERCLOTHING-Look for holes, check sizes and stack in an orderly manner.

STEP #6-SOCKS-Look for holes, too much wear, and pair remaining.

STEP #7-CHURCH CLOTHES-Check for wear, check sizes and hang together.(tie with suit, black socks in shoes, matching ribbons with dresses, etc.)

Next week we will cover KIDS’ CLOSETS, so just check clothes and place back in drawers and closets for now.

For tomorrow:

Tomorrow we are going to cover BABY CLOTHES, and for those of you without a WEE one in your life, we will have a WEE therapy session.

See you tomorrow!


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