Sunday, February 14, 2010

Special Sunday-Secret to Success

I thought that I might share a little secret this Valentines’ Day.

I love Sundays.

That is not the secret, I just thought that I should mention it.

I love sitting in the pew in church surrounded by my family, even when some weeks almost bring me to tears with children’s behavior.

The secret to loving Sundays,

is the planning for the upcoming week.

I love to plan what we could accomplish in the week ahead.

I love to review children’s goals for school, church, etc.

I love looking at the events that we will be participating in.

I love to look at the blank spaces in our schedule, where, if we are really lucky, we can have those “moments.”

The moments that make all the crazy Sundays worth it.

Tonight, as you are preparing for bed, think about the upcoming week.

Think about what you would talk about with each child if you got them alone.

Think about what is more important, cheering on a loved one at a game or play, or finishing your book.

Think about all the little things, that when you are sitting in that pew next week, you will be so grateful you did!

I love Sundays!

So should you!

For tomorrow:

Tomorrow, for MONDAY MADNESS, we are going step-by-step through KIDS’ CLOSETS.  We organized the clothes last week, so let’s finish the closet!

See you tomorrow!


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