Friday, February 12, 2010

Fast-Fix Friday-More than just a BOX


They are wonderful, and they are our FAST-FIX FRIDAY item!


STORE CLOTHES-You can store clothes that are TOO BIG, TOO SMALL, or ONES TO SAVE.

SPORTS CLOTHES-When we have OFF-SEASON sports gear, we store it in one of these and label the side with the sport.  The next season, TA DA, it is all there.

BALLS-These are great for the garage or backyard and can hold all kinds of BALLS.

SHOES-These can also work for storing shoes in the garage, or FLIP-FLOPS for the family when they are out of season (this would not apply to my CA friends where flip-flops are NEVER out of season!)

GARAGE BOXES-It is too dark tonight, but tomorrow I will post picks of GARAGE boxes.  We store things like 72-hour kits, paint supplies, tents, etc. in our garage in these boxes with coordinating labels.

TABLECLOTHS-I do not have enough room in my kitchen drawers or cabinets for all my tablecloths, so we store them in one of these.

HOLIDAY-These are my favorite size for all HOLIDAY, because they don’t get too heavy to put up in the attic, and they store perfectly!

I am sure there are many other ways to use these boxes, but you guys will have to share them!

For tomorrow:

Tomorrow for SUPER SATURDAY, we are going to go into detail on storing SPORTS items and clothing!

See you tomorrow!


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