Friday, January 8, 2010

Fast-Fix Friday

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Today is Fast-Fix Friday! 

A fun day to do one small thing that can really make a difference.

Today we have a quick fix to your receipts.

You know the ones, the ones squeezed into your wallet, spilling out into your purse or car and everywhere else you stashed them where you would be able to get to them later.

Well, today is later.

This a coupon organizer that I found, once again, in the Target dollar section.  I never realized that until I looked on it this morning (love Target,) but they are easy to find other places too.

There is a small and medium, but I prefer the medium one.  It is longer so it seems to hold the receipts better without a lot of folds.

I store my receipts alphabetically, so it is very simple.  Take the cardstock labels (usually located in the front pocket when you purchase it,) label them alphabetically, then file your receipts.  It is important to note that you don’t have 26 dividers for 26 letters, so I group them (A/B, C/D, E/F, G/H, I/J/K, L/M, N/O, P/Q, R/S, T/U, V/W, X/Y/Z.)  You can label yours with whatever works best for you.  If you have a store that you frequent so many times that it needs its’ own divider, give it one.  If you need one for work receipts alone and  the receipts you have can be listed by stores, banks, etc., do that. I also put all current coupons (non-grocery related) in the front pocket without a label.  It is the perfect place to store things that go with your receipts.  Like the bottom of a receipt that has a valuable coupon attached, or that Frosty coupon from a kids’ meal.

I got this idea from my friend, Alexis, about four years ago, and it has truly saved us so much money.

Every time I have a minute at the doctor’s office, dentist, carpool line, I find every receipt in my purse, car, etc. and file it away in this simple file.

Once your file is too full, I just label it JAN-MAY 2009, and store it with my files.  Once the next one is full, it has usually been one year, I take all the receipts out and throw anything that is not a large purchase, for an electronic, or anything else important.

I store the important 2009 receipts together in a file, and I am at a fresh start.

There it is.  Your easy receipt organizer.  Inexpensive, easy-to-use, and truly priceless.

Do you have any other ideas for these nifty little accordion files?

If so, send them my way, and I will add it to the post.

For tomorrow:

Our SUPER SATURDAY post will involve your Holiday boxes. 

Even if you have them taken care of, some quick tips on being organized in the decor department too.

For those of you who already have that conquered, there will be a bonus idea: Car storage. (Not where to store that car that is in your third car garage that you are hiding from the authorities, what to have stored in your cars and why.

See you tomorrow!


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  1. My daughter came home from college and was helping me get organized and I told her I did not know what to do with all my receipts, so we just threw them in a file folder, so today I read your entire blog and I LOVE IT, thanks for sharing, my new years resolution this year is to get organized, and NOW I KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH MY RECEIPTS, you are so smart! thanks!