Thursday, January 21, 2010

Therapy Thursday-Process your paper

Today we are going to ask a question that will prompt us to complete a certain paper pile that will change our lives.

I want you to ask yourself,

“Which of these piles effects my life the most RIGHT NOW?”

Is it the TO DO box that needs the quickest attention?  For me, it is.  It is the one that holds Christmas rebates, thank yous, upcoming registrations and so on.

Is yours the TO FILE box that needs to be taken care of in order to be ready for tax season?

Before you do something about the question you answered and focus in on that one,



Now focus on that “special” box.

Do the things you have time to get done today.  If it is make an appointment that you have on paper, make it, write it on the family calendar and move to the next thing.

If you are still working on your paper piles, KEEP GOING!

We are going to work all next week on PAPER, FILING, BILLS, ETC., so keep up the great work.

I found SIX more paper containers with MOVING STICKERS that I need to get to.

Wonder if there is anything important in there, (considering our last move was SIX years ago!)

For tomorrow:

I have another wonderful FAST-FIX FRIDAY organization item!

Don’t miss it!

We will be featuring Char from the website (admittedly one of my favorite bloggers, even though I am no crafter!)

We will also be featuring a friend in California with a tip to share.

See you tomorrow!


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  1. Hey Laura! Thanks for your comment on my family meal planner. I don't mind another link at all.

    I don't have the recipe on the back, although you could if you wanted to. I already have a binder I made for all of my favorite recipes...and those I get online or from others that I love. I really only needed a shopping list--something to help me make my list. I did include the cookbook it was in, so when I made my menu for the week, I know right where to find it.
    What kind of pics do you need? Let me know, and I would be happy to oblige!