Sunday, January 10, 2010

Special Sunday-Video journaling

Ok, better late than never.

Don’t worry, today won’t take too long if you have those cameras ready!

Today, we are talking about video journaling.  I am sure that some professionals somewhere would say that this is not officially how you do it, but this is what I do and what I love.

One year, not too long ago, I pulled out the video camera to video the decorating of the Christmas tree.

This is a fun event.  Everyone has their own ornaments and helps with the family ones.

Dad always gets to sit down on the couch and have the “job” of handing them, with hooks ready, to the rest of us.

Somehow I think we are doing all the work.

Anyway, I digress, which is what I do if I haven’t grabbed a cat nap on Sunday.


But that day, when I pulled the camera out, the second to last thing recorded was the decorating of the Christmas tree the year before.

I almost wanted to cry.

What had happened that year?  What had my kids learned?  How had they done at their sporting events?  How did their choir sound?  Any changes to the house or yard?  Who were their friends?  It had happened, but I didn’t have any of it recorded for later.

If you apply today’s tip to your life, you won’t be like I was that day.  Very sad!

This is the organization tip: Take your video camera and have everyone tell something fun from their week.  There are a lot of different questions you could ask to record about many different things.  The great thing is, in about 10-15 minutes you can actually have live footage on how your family members lives’ are going.  Some weeks are good, some bad and others GREAT, but just record it.  You will be surprised how many details you forget over the years.

Plus, these tapes make for great Christmas/Grandparents’ gifts, and great family viewing later!

Here are some of the prompting questions you can ask or think of some of your own.  Just do it!   You will not regret taking this little time each week to document those starting steps of the baby, dad’s recall of a crazy work week, or how that 10 year old felt about his basketball game.

QUESTION IDEAS:  What was the best part of  your week?  What was the worst part of your week?  Did anything newsworthy happen in your life?  Who is your best friend?  Why did you choose them?  How do you feel about your teacher, coach, etc.?  Did you accomplish anything this week you want to remember?  Did you feel a prompting from the Spirit this week?  Did  you act on it?  How is Scouting going?  How is Young Women’s going?  Did you have a favorite talk from church today?

You get the idea.  Endless possibilities, but memories in their own words!

Have a great video day!

For tomorrow:  MONDAY MADNESS

We are going to talk about “Quick Pick-up.”  Once again you are not going to want to miss this.  This technique literally changed my life.  I say that a lot, but the most important things you learn in your life, usually do change it for the better.

See you tomorrow!


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