Sunday, January 3, 2010

Starting on Sunday

Today is your first day of 2010! Ok, it is really Day #3, but after today you are going to have all your goals written down, visualized, and hopefully, already started.

In order for you to make a difference in your home, you have to do something different.

Sounds obvious right? But, really it is not.

If we had done everything right the first time around, we wouldn’t have the need to put everything together now.

Everyone is doing something right. Be confident that you can do more right!

Do not ever think that the way your master bedroom looks on a Monday morning is the only reflection on your life. Don’t ever forget that the relationships in your home are ALWAYS more important than the state of your home.

That being said, you will never feel more at peace or more in control than when you have your house in an excellent, working condition.

Having an organized home allows you more time with your family. Make no mistake about that. Not a spotless home, a well-organized home. Spotless is not necessary, but clean and organized breeds confidence. Confidence and peace are two great gifts to give your family.

Ok, let’s get to it.

In order for you to have enough time to make these daily challenges work, you have to plan time.

TIME is the first thing we are going to plan.

Sit down today and plan your weekly schedule. Every day may be different, so plan each day with those different components in mind.

I am going to give you an example of my ideal daily schedule. You can use your own, or use this as a starting place.

Your goals are written down. Send the organization goals to me, so we can accomplish those together. Now sit down and figure out your TIME schedule.

LAURA’S IDEAL DAILY SCHEDULE (Notice I say “ideal", know that life isn’t perfect, but if you aim high, you won’t fall too short!)

  • Exercise 5:45-6:45
  • Personal scripture study 6:45-7:15
  • Morning prayer
  • Review day’s schedule
  • Companion prayer
  • Help kids get dressed
  • BREAKFAST 8:00
  • Read Friend over breakfast
  • Check backpacks and lunches
  • Family prayer 8:25
  • Bus 8:30
  • Quick pick-up
  • Shower
  • Check all beds
  • Run laundry
  • Organization Blog post
  • Read to Ellie & Annie
  • Sight words with Ellie
  • Fine motor skill activity with Ellie & Annie____________________
  • LUNCH 12:00
  • Ellie to kindergarten 12:40
  • Baby down for nap 1:00
  • Family blog post/entry
  • Daily chore________________________________________________
  • Service opportunity________________________________________
  • Organization project_______________________________________
  • Prepare dinner____________________________________________
  • All errands________________________________________________
  • Greet children with snack & LOVE 4:30
  • Go over homework and evening schedule
  • Reading with Easton
  • Reading with Ellie
  • Quiz Brooke on her reading
  • Check all homework & chores
  • After school chores
  • DINNER 5:30
  • Cleanup
  • Check rooms, laundry, & dishes
  • EVENING ACTIVITY_________________________________________
  • Family scripture study
  • Family prayer
  • Baths
  • Kids’ teeth
  • Reading time
  • Individual tuck in time for each child
  • Companion scripture study
  • Companion prayer
  • Personal Prayer
  • Read

EACH DAY CAN LOOK DIFFERENT! Maybe you work in the school on Wednesdays, or grocery shop on Tuesdays. Just include those in your weekly schedule. Just remember, the better you plan, the more likely you will be able to accomplish those things that are most important!

Thoughts for tomorrow: Monday morning is officially our introduction to our weekly schedule of the Heaps or Happiness blog.

I am going to give you a quick overview of January, so you can look ahead and get excited!

Remember that we want to put these daily schedules to work so that we have that time to get it all done.



It may be before everyone gets up. It may be in the middle of the day when the little ones are sleeping (like me.) It may be right after dinner while chores are being done, or right when you walk in the door from work. Whatever it may be…PLAN IT!

See you in the morning!


***If you have a friend, sister, mom or neighbor that could use a little peace that comes from putting everything in it’s place, send them over. There truly is power in numbers!

****Do you have an amazing weekly or daily schedule? Send it my way, and we can share it with others.

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