Thursday, January 14, 2010

Therapy Thursday-Finishing our new haven

Today is hopefully the day!

The day you put the finishing touches on organizing that space that will change your life!

How are you doing?

Do you need a deadline?

I did.

It’s tomorrow, so I do have some finishing touches to get to today.

But first, let’s ask our therapy questions for the day.

#1 How does your space look today?

#2 What can I tackle next?

#3 What habit can I start today that will keep this space organized?

Here is how I answered these questions, maybe it can help you identify your next step.

#1 My room looks like a master bedroom with a little office area.  It does not look like a storage room, baby equipment consignment store or a true dumping ground for clothes, crafts and books anymore.  It is a pleasure to make my bed, because the made bed now has a room to match.  My husband walks in the room with a sense of peace on his face, not a sense of tenseness and fear.  I love my bed and the books in the basket next to it that I can now read to little ones without worrying about the state of the room.

Don’t you wish you could see it?  Everyone has been asking for matching pictures for each post, so I may just grant this wish.

#2 I want to tackle the linen closet right outside my room next.  This will be revealed with before and after photos, tips and ideas in early February.  Next week, for us, is all about those dreaded paper piles.  PAPER was the most requested organization dilemma, so we will tackle that first.

#3 The habit that I can start today that will keep my room more organized is…drum roll please…After my morning shower each day, I will make my bed, straighten the supplies in the bathroom, and put away any and all clothes in my room.  THIS IS HUGE FOR ME!  The main floor of our home is almost always “guest ready,” but my room is not.  I will consider John my cherished guest, so that each night, after a long day, he can relax in our space.

There it is, the wrap-up, therapy and future planning of that organized space.

Now, I just need to get my two sisters over here to decorate it and make it look beautiful. (NOT my specialty, but the reward I need when I finish organizing a space.)

For tomorrow:


We are going to show FOUR different ways to use one of my favorite organization tools!

***As a reminder, this blog is just an idea source.  Share this with your sister, your neighbor, your friend.  Everyone is inspired by different things.  One post may be too much for someone, but it may be just right for another.  Maybe your home is VERY ORGANIZED, great!  You can be a partner with me to share what we know or maybe walk over to that neighbor’s home or call a friend that you know could use some peace from getting more organized.

***THIS, I DEFINITELY KNOW, you will feel more peace and be happier with a well-organized home.  You will have more time and energy to make those memories with those you love!

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