Sunday, January 17, 2010

Special Sunday-Today is your day!

Today is your day.

One of the major reasons for getting and being organized is to have the extra time to do something that you love.

Today, do something that you love.

Something that you usually don’t allow yourself to do because there are so many other things needing your attention.

It can be calling up an old friend, a relative out-of-town or a college roommate.

Maybe it is making a special meal, reading a long overdue book, or taking a nap.


You will feel rejuvenated to complete so much more in the upcoming week.

I rarely take the time to snuggle with my little ones on the couch and watch a movie of their choice.  I do sit with them often, but I am sorting paper, folding laundry or checking homework.

Today is the day I do it just for us!

For tomorrow:


The most requested need for organization was concerning PAPER.

PAPER and I used to not be friends…now we are!

We used to get in arguments about dates, times and due dates…not anymore!

Tune in tomorrow to start our PAPER MADNESS WEEK!

MONDAY MADNESS is the perfect day to start this challenge.

Tonight-think of EVERY place you have paper.  It could be the kitchen, office, car, maybe even your nightstand.  Think of every place it would be and I will see you tomorrow.



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