Saturday, January 2, 2010

Saturday is a special day...

There is a cute little church song that goes, "Saturday is a special day, it's the day we get ready for Sunday."

I have always loved this song. When my children get up on Saturday and get their chores done and I ask, "Have you done your Saturday chores?" They moan and groan, but get those extra things done that get us ready for Sunday.

Sunday may be a special day for you and your family for many different reasons. If you get everything around the house done on Saturday, it sets you up for having a wonderful family day on Sunday and gets you a great start for the next week.

Today, take the opportunity to do those things that will help you be ready for tomorrow. Fill the car with gas, wash and vacuum it. Set out Sunday clothes or plan those activities and meals, so that you have the things that you need for a great day. Have everyone pitch in and help so things go faster. If dad volunteers to vacuum, you go in front of him with the kids and do a quick pick up. If you are running to the store for groceries, have the ones at home clean out the refrigerator.

There are so many ways to help your home run smoother, with more peace. Peace in the home is extremely underrated. It is one of the greatest blessings that you can give your family.

Here are a few ideas to make the rest of your day a success:

*Have everyone empty the car, and then have a child go on a one-on-one date with dad to wash and vacuum it.
*Have everyone go from room to room, starting at the front door, on a family pick-up. In each room everyone picks up what belongs to them and puts it in it's place.
*Have everyone pick what they want to wear to church or any other activity for tomorrow. Have them place it at the end of their bed or on the ironing board in your room.
*Collect all dishes, laundry and trash in the whole house and put them in the appropriate place.
*Look in the refrigerator and make a quick list of anything that you would need for meals tomorrow.

I promise that if you do these five basic things, you will enjoy more peace in your home tomorrow. You will put the kids in bed tomorrow and say to yourself, "Every Sunday should run that smoothly!"

Thoughts for tomorrow:
On tomorrow's blog I will be talking about setting your personal goals for the new year. If you have already written these down, GREAT, but review your list and make sure you have included everything you want. Someone once said, "A goal not written down, is just a wish." I believe that!

Also: Next Saturday I am going to have anyone who is interested email me their "wish list" for their house. You can list every single thing you would like to tackle this year, and I promise, we will find a way to solve it by year's end. So, be thinking and writing down, and you can send your wish list anytime between now and then to my email address at Any questions about this year's adventure can be sent there as well. You can also leave a comment or question in the comment space. Just remember that this is a family friendly blog, so be kind.

I also wanted to mention that any and all ideas of your own are welcome as well. If you have an idea or picture that you would like to include with a particular topic, email or comment about it and I will post it if appropriate and attach the proper credit.

Can't to start at the front door with the family pick-up!


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  1. Laura,
    I'm so excited about this blog! I, too, love organization, but with the little ones and a tight budget, I tend to turn a blind eye to the clutter. I look forward to learning about "out in the open" storage options that won't break the bank. Any repurposing ideas would be appreciated as well:)