Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday Madness-Quick Pick-up Technique

Good morning!

Did you have fun videoing your family yesterday?

Today I have a sure fire way to do a 20 minute or less pick-up in your home.

I know that the words “sure fire” sound amazing, and so is this technique.

If your home is anything like mine on a Monday morning, you have more dirty clothes than your family could have possibly wore since Friday, dishes from three homemade Sunday meals, and rooms that have things that do not belong in them upstairs and down.

Here is what you can do: QUICK PICK-UP TECHNIQUE

Start at the front door and take a laundry basket with you.  Walk around each room and pick up the following things:





If you collect each of these things throughout the entire house, and then load the dishwasher, start the laundry and take out the trash, YOU WILL BE SUCCESSFUL!

Notice I did not say, file every paper, put away every piece of laundry and deep clean kitchen cabinets.

This is just a QUICK PICK-UP, so remember that.  If you have a half an hour, set the timer for 30 minutes and start at the front door.

After you have done these FOUR target things, go back to each room and either put away simple things or make a small pile of things to be put away later.


Any day that you feel overwhelmed by your home, USE THIS TECHNIQUE!  Have the kids help!  You will be making progress before you know it!


Tomorrow we are doing a follow-up to Therapy Thursday on that room that you chose to organize and change your life.  We are going to jump right in and work on it step by step.  If your choice is different than a bedroom, don’t worry, the same methods can be used.

*You will need four boxes, baskets or bags for tomorrow’s work.  Be ready!


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