Thursday, January 28, 2010

Therapy Thursday-Do you feel the “light?”

Do you feel “lighter?”

You should.

With your special place organized, and your paper under control, you should feel empowered!

I do.

I am still working on some paper boxes that I came across, hiding in the garage!

Today, I just want you to journal, somewhere, how you FEEL about having these two things done.

It can be on your family’s blog, your personal journal or take a before and after photo.

Just write it down, because it is not going to stay perfect, but with a system, you will enjoy being organized in these two areas.

January has been great for me!

I hope that it has been great for you as well!

For tomorrow:

I think we are going to hit our 1000th visit to our organization blog today!

If we do, tomorrow I will introduce you to the many different uses for another one of my favorite organization tools,


If you have been hesitating sharing this resource with a friend or family member, DO IT TODAY, so they can get in on our journey!

See you tomorrow!


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