Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wrap-Up Wednesday

Are you having fun yet?

So, you have gotten a lot of information in the last 5 days, so today is wrap-up day, to review and complete everything so far.

I have gotten everything up-to-date, except for my menu planning, so I will work on that today.

Here is everything in review and quick tips to finish them off:

Saturday cleanup: Think ahead all week about what could make your weekend go smoother.  Jot the ideas down in your planner or on your to-do list.  Then on Saturday, do those things that will make the biggest difference.

Special Sunday: This Sunday we just worked on goals.  Do you have your list made?  Do you have ways to accomplish those things?  Have you set the time aside to work on those?

Monday Madness: We just introduced the weekly plan for the blog.  Do you have any questions?  Any suggestions of how we could do it better?

Tackle Tuesday:  Schedules are our friends.  Do you have yours together?  Do you have a menu plan to save you time and money and make those memories around your dinner table?  Do you have a daily plan?  Does your family have a place where they can write down their important dates?

Well, I am off to conquer the menu plan for our family.

Any questions, email or comment away.

See you tomorrow for THERAPY THURSDAY (no couch required.)

Have a great one!


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