Monday, January 4, 2010

Heaps or Happiness Weekly Schedule

Today, I am going to give everyone a brief overview of my vision for our weekly blog schedule.

I know that there are probably more clever people out there, with lots of brilliant and creative ways to share this information, but I am a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl, so ours will be simple and to the point.

Our schedule will be as follows: (I do want to note that we may deviate from time to time if we get a really great tip, or if something that I need to share is keeping me up at night.)


Mondays will be reserved for putting our house back together from the weekend, planning for the upcoming week and any great ideas we may have to accomplish those two things.  We may even get a little crazy on Mondays and have contests with before and after pictures that can be voted on for the week, or maybe even a challenge like you won’t find other places. (I won’t make you train for a marathon, or paint the house in a day, but something great!)


Tuesday are the “change our life” kind of days.  These are the days when I may introduce a 2 or 3 day project, or we may tackle something that takes more than our 30 minute a day minimum.  They may be challenging days, but they will pay off.  These are going to be a “spin”day of the week. (I am referring to spin class at the gym.  You know the ones. The class that is so hard, I don’t even like watching others do it.  But, the class that really pays off!  The one that you burn 1000 calories doing.  The one that makes the change in your body that you are looking for.)  These are our Tuesdays.  The day where we really see things change!


Wednesdays are great!  They are the middle of the week, and a great chance to finish off your Tackle Tuesday project, or catch-up on things from previous days.  Believe me, you need this day.  Wednesdays are going to keep us all from burnout and keep us on track.


Crazy name I know, but very appropriate.  Thursdays are going to keep us on track with our vision for this whole journey.  I am going to present a question that you need to answer, and in turn, maybe change something to fix or improve.  Don’t worry, you will understand on Thursday, so don’t miss it.


Have you ever had a watch that just needed a new battery, but you didn’t take the time to run it to the jeweler, or nearest store and get a new one?  You just needed something simple.  A battery.  But you just couldn’t seem to get it done.  Friday is our day to fix these little things that nag on us, but we really need to get done or get organized.  I will show you small, inexpensive things that have literally changed my life!


I call it Super Saturday, because I figure your organizing time slot is a little bigger, and you may even have some help from other family members to accomplish these “super” projects.  Don’t worry, you won’t lose you Saturdays, but you will gain so much by tackling some of these bigger things indoors and outdoors.


Just like I said on Saturday’s post, Sunday is a special day for us.  It represents family time, quiet time and time in worship.  It is a great day.  I will give you some ideas to make this time even better.  Ideas for Sunday appropriate activities that will invite the Spirit into your home, and even organize your life a little more without “real” work.

There it is…my vision.  I am so excited!  I have a very strong testimony of the fact that if you take the time to put your life in order, you will see instant rewards.  Every minute that you spend scheduling and planning, organizing and filing, you will find 3x the time to enjoy your family, your home and ultimately, your life.

See you tomorrow, for TACKLE TUESDAY!



  1. Your organization blog seems great. I have my own way of organizing. It's called move every two years and chuck everything on your way out and get new stuff when your there. Seems to work so far. :)

  2. Looking forward to some new insight and help to organize my place! Thanks for putting this together, you are amazing!