Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tackle Tuesday-To File, My Style

Today is the TO FILE basket’s turn to be organized!

Lucky basket!

My system is simple to me, but you may have one in place in your home already.

Just do it!

Sit down and start going through those piles.

Here is how I do it:

STEP #1-Take one more walk around your entire house in search for those things that need to be filed.  Don’t forget your cars, your office, maybe on top of a dresser, a church bag, wherever it is all hiding.

STEP#2-I take the trash can and my basket over to the couch, and plug in a good movie. I don’t know why, but I can accomplish so much more if a have a little entertainment.  It is like having the radio blasting while washing a car, or headphones while mowing the grass, you get the picture!

STEP#3-SORT AWAY!  I actually sort things into piles that go directly to the filing cabinet.  For example, I don’t just pile all medical paperwork together, I sort by children or doctor.  Remember: Use what works best for you!

STEP#4-I throw all trash directly in the trash can while sorting and make a separate pile for shred.  When you are done sorting everything, take care of these two piles first, TRASH and SHRED!

STEP#5-I pick up pile by pile and put DIRECTLY in file cabinet.  Do not stack them up to be put away later.  Take the extra 10 minutes or so and file them directly into their folder.


Here are a few photos of the filing cabinets I use and an example of the filing system.  Just basic, put everything is better with pictures.



For tomorrow:

Tomorrow is WRAP-UP WEDNESDAY and we are wrapping up the PAPER MADNESS SERIES!

If there is something we did not cover that you need help with or you have a suggestion for us, PLEASE EMAIL OR COMMENT me and we will cover it tomorrow.

Otherwise, we are moving on!

See you tomorrow!


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  1. You should buy a Pendaflex folder to store all your stuff, they are pretty durable!