Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tackle Tuesday-Room Tackling Technique

Today, we are tackling that room.

The room or space that you identified on Thursday during our “therapy” session together.

I identified mine as my bedroom.

It is looking MUCH better already.  I have even invited two of my closest friends to its’ “reveal” on Friday.

Sometimes, you just need some good incentive and a deadline!

There is a technique that if I have taught this once in helping people organize, I have taught it a thousand times.

When you walk in a room that is overwhelming, there is a technique that you can use that works EVERY TIME!

I don’t even have a bread recipe that works perfect every time, so this is a true treasure!


Take 4 boxes, organizer bins, or baskets and bring them in the room.  (I usually use laundry baskets because they are inexpensive and easy to carry.) LABEL each box/basket one of the following:





Very simple, I know, but priceless.

Everything in that room can fit into one of these categories.

Do your best to put the item in the most appropriate box.

If you know something belongs in another room, put it in PUT AWAY.

If you know that a coat doesn’t fit anyone in the house and can’t be used for a younger sibling, put it in GIVE AWAY.

The only time you use the I DON’T KNOW basket is if you really don’t know where you are going to put it.

The I DON’T KNOW basket can be dealt with later.

I line the TRASH basket with a trash bag for easy removal, and it is easy than just having the bag, because you have to find the bag’s opening every time instead of just tossing in the TRASH basket.

I start on the LEFT side of a room and move RIGHT.  It doesn’t matter, but I get overwhelmed if I am standing in the middle of something that seems impossible.

Literally, pick up the first item, decide what box/basket works best and place the item in that basket.

Work yourself around the room.  If something belongs in a drawer or cabinet in the room and you get to it, PUT IT AWAY where it belongs.

***If you use yesterday’s technique FIRST, the process will go faster.  Review yesterday’s post if you don’t know the QUICK PICK-UP method.  Remember: First get all dishes, clothes, trash and stack paper.

If you have a basket that “runneth over",” get another for that category.  Just get another basket quick, don’t put things away, and go back to sorting.

At the end of TACKLE TUESDAY, I want you to have everything identified in your space.  Tomorrow is WRAP-UP WEDNESDAY, and we will finish the process.

Remember that everyone’s space is different, but this is the space that will change our lives, so work hard and stay focused!

If you only have an hour, set the timer for 60 minutes and GO!

I know that if you commit yourself to this project, no matter how big or small, you will find that 15 minutes here, and 20 minutes there will change this space for you!

For Tomorrow:

We are going to continue tackling, with a few great hints to accomplishing this!

See you tomorrow!


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